Dr Jay Adams

Dr. Jay Adams

Memorial Service Information

November 16, the family and a few friends met at the graveside of Jay Adams to give thanks to God for his life and ministry. A memorial service is planned for this Sunday afternoon, November 22, at 4:00 at the Abner Creek Baptist Church in Greer, SC where Dr. Adams’ grandson-in-law serves as pastor.

The service will be live streamed at the Redeemer ARP YouTube channel. The family has asked that instead of sending flowers, friends consider contributing to the memorial fund established at the Redeemer Biblical Counseling Training Institute, where Jay taught and trained counselors in his retirement years.

A Tribute to Dr. Jay Adams

by Dr. Howard Eyrich

In the fall of 1971, I met Jay Adams on the first day of the Training Seminar at CCEF. That was the beginning of a life-long journey in the world of Christian, Nouthetic and to become Biblical Counseling. Little did I realize how God would use this man in my life and as depicted by a former counselee who texted me upon hearing of his home-going, “…I think of him every day; he changed your life and therefore he changed my life—on and on and on”. Jay has multiple children who have proliferated the movement of Biblical Counseling.

Allow me to honor his life with this true story, only one of many I could share. I was observing a marriage counseling case about six weeks into the training seminar. We got word that the couple would be late having been caught behind an accident.  As we waited, I turned to Jay and said, “Jay, if I come back and take this training seminar again, would you allow me to do the counseling and you sit in the observer’s chair and coach me?”

Upon reflection I’ve often wondered where I got the nerve to make that request. However, Jay turned toward me, with that look which those who know him well will immediately form a mental picture, and said, “Yes, Howard, I’ll do that for you.” That was the beginning of a coaching relationship that extended over the next seven years. That coaching relationship matured into a personal friendship that continued over the years.

That was Jay. Big man with a big booming voice and a heart of gold. He was always ready to help followers learn and grow. He was as kind as he was big. His wonderful spirit of gentleness combined with a straightforward speaking of truth epitomized Ephesians 4:15—speak the truth in love. Even with his big personality, his superior intelligence, and his notoriety, he was a humble man who gave God the glory for all he accomplished.

I am humbled to have been his student, his protégée, and his friend.

*Adapted from my article in Whole Counsel: The Public and Private Ministries of the Word: Essays in Honor of Jay E. Adams, Don Arms and Dave Swavely (eds).

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