International Association of Biblical Counselors


If you desire Biblical Counseling and need help during these difficult days, please contact Member Services. We have the updated list of counselors that are in your area. Do not hesitate to reach out today. We love you and are praying for you! 

The International Association of Biblical Counselors consists of men and women committed to serious reliance on Scripture as sufficient and authoritative, and devoted to helping God’s people apply His truth to their personal lives in practical ways.

Annual Conference

IABC Annual Conference

The International Association of Biblical Counselors is pleased to announce that the 2020 Annual Conference will be provided at no charge to you. This year, we hhave opted for a virtual online summit.

The Theme is: Training The Next Generation of Biblical Counselors: An Exposition of Second Timothy

In 2 Timothy, we find the Apostle Paul reminding and instructing the younger leader on how vital passing the baton of discipleship and solid teaching of the Word of God is.

Part of why IABC exists is to train and equip every-day believers for the ministry of discipleship through the ministry of biblical counseling. There is an ongoing need for younger believers to be developed into the leaders of tomorrow in every sphere of the Church, including Biblical Counseling.

Part of our goal with this conference is to bring this into clearer focus and to provide a forum for us to all grow in our ability to perpetuate the important ministry we are collectively engaged in.

You being with us for this conference will go a long way to helping us fulfill this important aspect of the ministry of IABC.