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IABC Ministry Update

jeff christianson Apr 11, 2023
IABC Ministry Update

The International Association of Biblical Counselors (IABC) is a parachurch ministry within the biblical counseling movement that seeks to spread biblical counseling across the world. We exist to proclaim Christ, warning every man and teaching every man in all wisdom, that we may present every man perfect in Christ Jesus (Col. 1:28). IABC seeks to advance biblical counseling nationally and globally through training and certifying counselors, publishing resources, and mobilizing local churches to engage their communities with biblical counseling.

God has given IABC a unique role within the biblical counseling movement. We enthusiastically partner with other organizations that uphold the sufficiency of Scripture for addressing the problems of life. We rejoice in the work God has done and is doing through all the various partners in the BCC. Twenty years ago, IABC set out to become a gentle voice in counseling seeking to honor God in our practice while demonstrating love to our neighbors in the way we counsel. We believe God has honored that prayer, as you can read in this report.

This past year, God has blessed IABC in many ways. We have seen God use IABC to certify new counselors, launch new training centers, and transform lives across the world. To date, IABC has had the privilege of ministering in Romania, Uganda, Brazil, Albania, Ireland, and other countries throughout the world. In addition to the training conferences we’ve offered, IABC has Certified Biblical Counselors and/or IABC Members in England, New Zealand, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Ireland, Uganda, and Zambia. Our joy over God’s work this past year fuels our excitement for God’s plans for IABC in 2023. On behalf of IABC, I would love to invite you and your church community to our 2023 annual conference, “Resolving Conflict God’s Way.”

The past few years have only confirmed what Scripture teaches about conflict. Conflict permeates conversations, families, communities, and even churches. IABC seeks to equip counselors and church members with the tools and resources to resolve conflict God’s way. On July 27-29, 2023, IABC will gather in Fairview Heights, IL, at Edgemont Bible Church for three days of live teaching, fellowship, and prayer.

This year’s plenary speaker, Dr. Lou Priolo, sees this conference as uniquely addressing the different contexts in which conflict can occur:

“As a marriage counselor, I hope that this will be a blessing to many counselors who want to learn how to help couples resolve conflicts quickly, effectively, and with a minimum amount of sin. As a family counselor, I believe that the concepts, if practiced regularly, will help many counselors, parents and children learn to do likewise. As a pastor/elder, I know that church pastors, ministry leaders and church members who understand and practice the biblical principles and directives will be able to prevent and resolve church-splitting schisms that dishonor God, wreck friendships, and sometimes spiritually cripple those who have been involved in them. 

As a counselor to missionaries, I know that Christian workers who are willing to conduct their relationships according to the Bible will be more effective in ministry and will prevent many of the interpersonal relationship problems (or so-called “personality conflicts”) that account for the majority of missionaries returning from the field years before they imagined.  As a college and seminary professor, I hope that this training will be used as a reference for biblical conflict-resolution courses.”[1]

As IABC looks to 2023 and the future of biblical counseling ministry, we have a passion for raising up the next generation of biblical counselors. Many problems confront the church as the culture continues to turn against God and His Word. Many men and women find themselves victims of the vices and false ideologies that keep them in bondage to sin. At IABC, we recognize that the future leaders of the church are the youth and young adults sitting in our pews. We want to ensure that these leaders are firmly established upon the sufficiency of the Word of God to face the problems ahead. Toward that end, we are offering discounted rates for attendees in their teens and early twenties at our conference. This is an excellent opportunity for pastors to be equipped alongside their youth and young adults for three days of godly fellowship and biblical teaching.

We cannot wait to see what God will do with IABC in 2023! We firmly believe that the Lord has given us a vital role to play in His mission around the world and within the biblical counseling movement. At the same time, we also recognize that we are a movement—a movement that includes people like you! If you are looking for an opportunity to partner with an international ministry, if you are interested in certification, or if your church would like information on starting a certified training center, check out IABC at our website or join us in person in Fairview Heights, Illinois for our national conference. See you there!

“Him we proclaim, warning everyone and teaching everyone with all wisdom, that we may present everyone mature in Christ.” – Colossians 1:28


Questions for Reflection

  1. What did you learn about the ministry of IABC?
  2. Will you commit to partner with us in prayer?

[1] Lou Priolo, “Resolving Conflict God’s Way,” IABC,