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Virginia Stewart, PhD in Biblical Counseling, is one of the first females in the nation to become a certified biblical counselor. Having counseled biblically for over 30 years. she now leads HOPE Ministries, an extension of Christ Presbyterian Church, PCA, Nashville, TN where she also teaches IABC certified training courses.

 Virginia has a passion for the multiplication ministry, as well as individual and family discipleship and training. This passion has been fueled by watching the Lord transform her own life, as well as others’ lives through Christ-centered ministry in marriage, family, and individual issues, such as conflict resolution, anger, depression, anorexia, fear, anxiety, grief, etc.

As the Leader of HOPE Ministries, she counsels biblically and teaches IABC training courses. She is the former director of HOPE Biblical Counseling & Training Center, Westminster Presbyterian Church, Fort Myers, FL.

Virginia is certified by IABC and ACBC. She received a Biblical Counseling certificate from the Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation (CCEF) and received her PhD in Biblical Counseling from Trinity Theological Seminary, Newburgh, Indiana.

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