IABC is Growing, Moving Member Services to Edgemont Bible Church

IABC announced today (July 28, 2021) a strategic move to strengthen the ministry, giving training centers, counselors and members a home base in the center of the country. The board prayerfully made the decision to move member services to Fairview Heights, Illinois for the purpose of providing stability for future generations of Biblical Counselors.

The initial work that has been done will be built upon at the new location. “The Member Services Department has worked diligently to provide clear communication and pathways to execute membership applications, membership renewals, and other systems,” says Dr. Howard Eyrich, board member.

Pastor Joe Propri, IABC board member said, “IABC has been faithful to continue to offer solid biblical counseling these last couple years, in spite of the pandemic and closures that resulted from it. We’ve developed the virtual side of communication well in keeping counseling appointments with people, and held last year’s conference in spite of the masks and separation of people. In other words, we didn’t shut down, but stayed alive and productive in ministry. That is good!”

IABC’s new plan to establish member services offices in Edgemont, Illinois is also strategic because it is the home of Gateway Biblical Counseling & Training Center where Dr. David Tyler is the director. David will oversee member services and serve IABC as the board secretary. Learn more about Gateway at their website https://gatewaybiblicalcounseling.org/

Moving member services to Edgemont Bible Church is the culmination of two years of hard work. Dr. Alden Lair, IABC Treasurer says, “We have gone through a process of reorganization. Though it has not been easy, it has been very rewarding. I love the camaraderie we at IABC have built together during the past two years. Walking together with brothers and sisters who truly care about discipleship/counseling makes any difficulty pale in comparison to seeing those for whom we serve grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

In addition to growing nationally, we are growing internationally. Dr. Bill Hines said, “In the past year IABC has been represented in webinars in Japan and South Africa. Distance and differences are no deterrent to the Gospel of Christ through modern technological advances such as Zoom, podcasts, Facebook and YouTube. In South Africa and Japan we joined like-minded ministries to train biblical counselors to address addictions in a biblical manner.”

Bill continues, “The problems of deep depression, illness, shutdowns, job loss and even death have provided an unprecedented opportunity for the Gospel as people cry out and ask God, ‘Why? Why me? Why our family when we thought we were playing by the rules?’ Some use the cultural breakdown as an excuse to turn away from God. To meet demands we at IABC have been looking for new ways to confront those and other examples of unbiblical thinking head on with compassion, kindness and love. As the Apostle told the believers in Colossae, God’s people must clothe themselves with His attributes and in doing so we will communicate the love of God to a struggling Church.”

Jeff Christianson, President of IABC, says, “We continue to press forward, looking upward as Paul reminds us in Philippians 3:13-14. Today, we need to look forward to the next work of grace that He wants to bring forth as we walk on with Him.” Pastor Jeff invites all to the annual conference in Denver August 5-7, 2021.

The title of the conference is, Hope, Help & Comfort in Troubling Times: Equipping the Saints to Counsel Hope During Difficult Days. Jeff says, “We are praying for you and expect you to be blessed at this exclusive in-person event. We are meeting in the church cafe that has limited seating – when they’re gone, they’re gone – don’t miss out! Please confirm your attendance promptly to secure your place.”