Membership with IABC


Contact us for a conversation about Membership and Certification with the International Association of Biblical Counselors!

Membership for those desiring to be part of the IABC does not require certification as a biblical counselor. Membership is your first step. We have a simple step-by-step process to help you become a part of the IABC family while you are in the process of training to become certified. 

Although membership is a prerequisite for becoming a Certified Biblical Counselor with IABC, we welcome members who want to show love and support for this ministry without pursuing certification.

If you are seeking to become a Member of IABC or desire to apply for Certification, please email our Member Services Office

Member Services

Warren Lamb, Vice President
(877) 583-3033
PO Box 60573
Irvine, CA  92602-6019



Jeff Christianson, President
(877) 583-3033
PO BOX 3021
Glenwood Springs, CO 81602