Introduction to Conference Theme

Welcome to IABC’s 2021 Conference

The International Association of Biblical Counselors has recently concluded the 2021 IABC Annual Conference, “Hope, Help and Comfort in Troubling Times: Equipping the Saints to Counsel Hope During Difficult Days”

The primary goal of this conference was to bring together friends and ministry partners for fellowship and to proclaim the Word of God.

Stay tuned for the 2022 IABC Annual Conference!

The Conference Theme




Jesus Christ, Our Living Hope

We are living in desperate times. It gets worse when we seem to live in a culture of outrage. Because of that, many have lost hope. People want to give up. To add insult to injury, maybe your life has been thrown into turmoil at home, work or school.

Every one of us struggles at times with discouragement, with concerns that might build to worry or anxiety, doubts, strife in the mind. Even despair and hopelessness are not uncommon to all of humanity, including us, the people of God. In those seasons of  struggle, our hope seems to be quite meager.

Sometimes it seems as though hope is just disappearing. But the wonderful truth is that God has a remedy. That’s not unusual, He is the God of Hope! His remedy is unique and distinct.  His Holy Spirit wants to flood our lives with hope. I’ve found that  anchoring my hope correctly saves a lot of heartbreak, and also fills my life with such great joy. There is no greater hope than the living hope of Jesus Christ.

Hope In The Person of Jesus

Peter says, “Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who according to His abundant mercy has caused us to be born again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.” (1 Peter 1:3). Those who trust in Jesus are born again. They’re birthed into a new family, birthed into a new kingdom, and birthed into a new life where the God of hope is involved. They are free from living a life with hope placed in the world instead of Christ. They are born again to a living hope that is anchored in the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Jesus, our living hope, is a person (1 Tim 1:1). We try to put our hope in things that the world offers: programs, therapies, philosophies, false religions. These all can deliver temporary hope but they leave us without satisfaction. Christians place their ultimate hope in a person we meet through humble repentance and faith. And the person is unlike any other. He’s the preeminent one. He’s the exalted one. He’s the all-sufficient one.

Hope In Jesus’ Return

In Jesus we have a blessed hope; he will return. Paul describes Christians as “looking for the blessed hope and glorious appearing of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ” (Titus 2:13). How amazing is it that this life is not all that we have? It is easy to be so focused on day to day living that we forget that our Savior is coming to return us to Him. We will never be separated from Him or His holiness. We will spend eternity together. How much smaller do some issues seem when compared to eternity? When we lose sight of eternity, we lose sight of what is important. When we lose sight of what’s important, we chase after the temporary and cannot find satisfaction. We are left empty and hopeless. Instead, fix your eyes on what God has promised will come.

Hope: Christ In You

Colossians 1:27 says, “Christ in you, the hope of glory.”  Our hope is not at a distance, or distant from us. Christ isn’t distant from us. He’s right there, in the midst of our lives. Because Jesus is always with us, we can be sure that he hears us when we pray. Jesus is intimately involved with us, everywhere, all the time (Ps 139:7-10). God isn’t simply with us, he is orchestrating our lives for good. God is right in the middle of what is going on, with us. Even in difficult circumstances we can have hope because God has us right where he wants us to be. Whether it is to grow us in faith or draw us closer to Him, God has us where we are for a reason and he is sustaining us through each difficulty.

When we are surrounded with pressure-filled circumstances, our temptation is to put our hope in changing the situation. We tell ourselves, “If only x were to happen, then life would be better.” Instead of focusing on our circumstances, we need to turn our eyes to the resurrection.  We find resurrected life in our resurrected Lord. Instead of trying harder and “pushing through”, we need to put our hope in Christ. That is what brings us living hope. There’s no situation so impossible, so agonizing, so depleting of vitality, but what the Lord, who is risen from the dead, can share his resurrection life with us and see us through it, and if he so wills, even deliver us out of that situation.

Reflection Questions

What do you currently think will bring you joy and satisfaction?

How have things in your life shown to disappoint you when you’ve placed your hope in them?

How has Christ shown Himself to be an object of hope?

Conference Speakers

Keynote Speaker: Gino Geraci

Gino Geraci is the founding Pastor of Calvary South Denver, Calvary Chapel de Santa Fe and served as an assistant Pastor to Skip Heitzig at Calvary Chapel in Albuquerque. Gino was a first responder with Law Enforcement officials at Columbine, Ground Zero and the Aurora Move Theatre as well as several other high profile disasters. Gino served as a Chaplain for the FBI, and several Law Enforcement agencies including the Denver Police Department, Littleton County Sheriff’s Department. Gino has served as a Conference Speaker and founded Scripture Says, a Non-Profit Organization dedicated to promoting the Bible as the soul of civilization. He was POST certified at Rio Hondo Academy and graduated from the University of San Francisco B.S. Gino is on the Board of Directors for Got Questions, the largest web based Bible answer ministry in the world.

Howard Eyrich

General Session #2 at 12:30 pm

Friday, August 6th
12:30 pm – General Session #2
Title: You Mean I Can Find Hope in These Dusty Books?
Abstract: The Pentateuch is a history of crisis, pain and suffering. It is, however, a book of hope. Immediately following the catastrophe of the fall a multibillion candle light is ignited whose beam penetrates the resulting darkness until there is no need of this lamp because the Lord himself shall illuminate them (Rev 22:5). Discovering Hope for Today Together In the Pentateuch.

Bill Hines

General Session #4 at 7:00 pm

Friday, August 6th
7:00 pm – General Session #4
Title: Our Blessed Hope
Abstract: God commands us to live godly lives and to build our hope on the certainty of His return. Hope is not a wish. Biblical Hope is based on God’s willingness & ability to fulfill His promises to His people. Hope gives believers a new focus that is grounded in the promises of Christ & properly explained, the Blessed Hope of His return can bring light into our darkest days.

Kevin Carson

Jeff Christianson

General Session #3 at 6:00 pm

Friday, August 6th
6:00 pm – General Session #4
Title: Jesus: Our Living Hope
Abstract: We all struggle at times with discouragement. It can often seem as though hope is just disappearing. But the wonderful truth is that God has a unique remedy. His Holy Spirit wants to flood our lives with hope. There is no greater hope than the living hope of Jesus Christ.

2021 IABC Conference Schedule

Thursday, August 5th

12:00 pm-2:oo pm – Training Center Directors (TCD) Luncheon (Multi-purpose Room)
5:00 pm – Doors Open for Conferees
6:00 pm – Welcome
6:05 pm – General Session #1
7:45 pm – Workshop #1

Friday, August 6th

12:30 pm – General Session #2
1:45 pm – Workshop #2
3:00 pm – Workshop #3
4:00 pm – Dinner Break on Your Own
5:30 pm – Presentation of IABC Certifications/Praise & Worship
6:00 pm – General Session #3
7:00 pm – General Session #4
8:00 pm – Workshop #4

Saturday, August 7th

9:00 am – General Session #5
10:45 am – Workshop #5
11:30 am – General Session #6
12:45 pm – Farewell by Jeff Christianson

Frequently Asked Questions


I want to make travel arrangements. What is the conference schedule?

The conference kicks off on Thursday August 5. More details regarding the schedule will be available as we get closer to the event.

What airport is the closest? Do you provide rides from the airport to the Conference?

The closest airport is Denver International Airport (DEN).  There are many services available for transportation hire, to and from the airport such as Yellow Cab, Uber and Lyft. Additionally, your hotel may provide a shuttle service. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide rides from the airport.

Will day passes be available?

Yes, we will be offering day passes at this year’s conference. Just show up for a special entrance ticket. Because we have limited seating, we request that you set your expectation accordingly (as we might have standing room only).

Will this conference be offered online? If so, what will the registration fees be?

We are recording the sessions and making plans for the best content to be available in an exclusive, online only, after event. Stay tuned!

Will there be childcare available if I bring my children?

Childcare will not be provided. However, we desire older children to attend if they have an interest in biblical counseling. We will have a special location for nursing mothers.